Video Notes
Video Notes is a host-only feature that allows users to record short videos up t... more
Viewpoints is a powerful feature which allows users to seamlessly navigate throu... more
Webcam feature
One of the unique features of Reality Signal is the Webcam feature, which enable... more
Measuring Tool
This tool allows users to measure objects within their 3D architectural models, ... more
Setting default room settings as host
As a host, you have the ability to adjust the default settings for your room in ... more
Embedding Reality Signal Models on Your Website
Public rooms allow you to display your 3D models to the public without the colla... more
Changing / re-issuing the private URL of a project
To change the private URL of a project in your admin panel, follow these steps: ... more
Welcome To RS BETA
Hey there! Thanks for choosing to use Reality Signal. We're excited to have you ... more
VR Controller Guide
If you're using a virtual reality headset to view a 3D model, you may notice tha... more
Sun / Shadow Settings
Reality Signal allows you to see how the shadows are affecting your model at dif... more
Preparing your model for uploading
Reality Signal accepts various file formats for uploading 3D models. Some format... more
Change the scale of the model
If you've uploaded your model to Reality Signal and it appears smaller or larger... more
Touchscreen Controls Action Controls Context Move Pinch ... more
Walk / Fly / Teleport
There are three ways to move within a Reality Signal model: - Walk mode: ... more
Follow Host Feature
The Follow Host feature is a useful tool for presentations and collaborations, e... more
Private vs public model URLs
Once your model is processed and uploaded you you will have private or public UR... more
Host mode
Host mode is a special feature that allows hosts to access additional tools and ... more