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Viewpoints is a powerful feature which allows users to seamlessly navigate through your models by teleporting to predefined locations within the model. 

Accessing Viewpoints:

  • Launch Reality Signal and open a 3D architectural model.
  • Locate the "Viewpoints" menu on the main interface.
  • Click on the "Viewpoints" menu to access a list of existing Viewpoints.
  • The list will display labels and thumbnails for each Viewpoint, providing a visual representation of the location.

Creating Viewpoints (Hosts Only):

  • Only the host can create new Viewpoints, and this can only be done on a desktop platform.
  • While in the 3D architectural model, navigate to the desired location and view where you would like to create a Viewpoint.
  • Open the "Viewpoints" menu.
  • At the top of the list, enter the new viewpoint label and click the Save button. This will set your current view as a new viewpoint.
  • You can change the order of viewpoints by dragging the thumbnails to the preferred order.

Using Viewpoints on VR Headsets:

  • Viewpoints can be accessed and used on VR headsets; however, new Viewpoints cannot be created through the VR interface
  • To navigate to a Viewpoint while using a VR headset, simply select Viewpoints icon on your menu and select the desired Viewpoint from the list to be teleported to the predefined location.