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Webcam feature

One of the unique features of Reality Signal is the Webcam feature, which enables your avatar to display your face in real-time by streaming it through an enabled webcam. This article will guide you through using the Webcam feature in Reality Signal.

  • Accessing the Webcam Feature To use the Webcam feature, click on the webcam icon while you are in the 3D model. The browser will prompt you to allow access to your camera. Grant the necessary permissions to proceed.
  • Adjusting Your Position Once you have enabled the webcam, you will see a preview of your face at the bottom right of the screen. Adjust your position to ensure your face is in the center and fully visible. This will help create a more immersive experience for other participants.
  • When the stream starts, your avatar's face will automatically be replaced with a screen displaying your face. This allows for more personal interaction within the virtual environment. Clicking the webcam icon again will stop your webcam stream.

Note: VR Interface Limitations Please be aware that you cannot currently enable the Webcam feature while using the VR interface, as there is no camera pointing at your face while wearing a VR headset. The Webcam feature is best utilized when accessing Reality Signal through a web browser.