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Trouble Shooting

I can hardly hear or can't hear other people in the room
If you are experiencing difficulty hearing others in the room, try the following... more
My uploaded model is taking too long to process
Optimizing and converting each model to the necessary format is a time-consuming... more
My Model is taking long time to load
"If you find that your model is taking a long time to load, it could be due to e... more
People can't hear me / I can't hear people
Please ensure that you grant permission for your device's microphone and speaker... more
Feeling motion sickness on VR
To prevent motion sickness, use the teleport function by using triggers rather t... more
My movements are not smooth
If you are experiencing rugged movements, it may indicate that your processor is... more
I see blue flickering section in my model
The flickering sections are caused by multiple pixels fighting for the same coor... more
My project fails to upload
If you are experiencing difficulty uploading your project, it may be due to one ... more
My Uploaded Model doesn't look right
If your uploaded model does not appear as expected, it could be due to one of th... more