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Measuring Tool

This tool allows users to measure objects within their 3D architectural models, enhancing their understanding of the space by providing quick verifications of sizes, distances, and clearances in real scale.

Using the Measuring tool on Desktop and VR:

  1. Locate and click the Measure icon. This will be available on both Desktop and VR interfaces.

  2. Your cursor will change, indicating that the Measuring Widget is active.

  3. Begin measuring by clicking on the points within the model that you wish to measure the distance between. The widget will display the distance between the selected points.

  4. For precise 90-degree measurements, long-click on a surface. The widget will automatically draw a 90-degree line to the surface you are on and measure the distance to the contact point.

  5. To remove a measurement, click the "x" button on the specific measurement you wish to delete.

  6. To get out of Measure mode simply click to the Measure icon again.