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Follow Host Feature

The Follow Host feature is a useful tool for presentations and collaborations, especially when working with non-technical attendees. It allows the host to stream their point of view while maintaining full communication with the audience.

To use this feature, the host must be logged in and enter "Streamer Mode" from the preferences menu. This will enable the Follow Host feature and allow attendees to join as spectators.

There are two ways for attendees to join as spectators. They can either click the "Spectate" link on the start screen, or they can use the invite URL with the additional "spectator=true" parameter at the end of the private room url, which will automatically start spectator mode.

Once in spectator mode, attendees can follow the host's point of view and see what they see. This is especially useful for presentations and demonstrations, as it allows the audience to get a better understanding of the host's perspective and follow along more easily.

Overall, the Follow Host feature is a great tool for presentations, collaborations, and other situations where it is important for the audience to see what the host sees. It is easy to use and allows for seamless communication and collaboration between the host and attendees.